Honey Bee Books

Honey Bee Books

At first I was going to give a long list of honey bee books on this page, but if your like me, you have found many books already at the public library.  So instead I'm only going to list a couple that I feel you, as a beekeeper, should read.  I have found that 90% of the books just say the same thing over and over again. Honey bee books all tell you the basics so go pick one or two up and read it.  They are good reads.  Here are a couple that I do recommend.


One of the first honey bee books about modern bee management, Langstroth’s study is an invaluable resource and essential reading for apiarists. It was first published in 1853 but is still a must read.

This text book is one of the most in-depth books I have read. It's used to teach apiarists and collage students the how, why and when of beekeeping. This book is updated and is a must read for a number of Master beekeeping courses. I love how many options are presented for a number of beekeeping techniques.

This honey bee book will also inform you how to work with other factors including the weather, available forage, and location, location, location. If you long for a honey crop, or at least hoping to get the most honey from your bees as you work with their potential, this book will show you how. Grant has a passion for honey bees that comes across very well in his book.

Want Your book Reviewed

At one time I had read almost every honey bee book I could get my hands on.  That was many years ago and there are many new books coming out all the time.  So if your interested in me reviewing your book, I'd be happy to, please send me a copy of your book.

honey bee books
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Honey Bee Books for Kids

Kids books:

The bee tree, Patricia Polacco

The Life and Times of the Honeybee, Charles Micucci

Questions and Answers about Bees, Betty Polisar Reigot



American Bee Journal, Dadant and Sons

Bee Culture, A.I. Root Co



honey bee books
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