Gourmet Comb Honey-Wildflower


Wildflower Comb Honey. Fresh Comb Honey right from the hive. Bees did a fabulous job this year! Comb honey looks and tastes fantastic! Each cell in this comb honey is bursting with raw Wildflower Honey, a very sweet and flavorful honey. Comb Honey is perfect to pair with a variety of cheeses and fruits.

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COMB HONEY – Wildflower

Comb Honey typically comes off the hives starting in early June through early Fall. This honey is hard to find today since not many beekeepers produce it. Depending how much we produce, we can be sold out in a couple of months, so order them as soon as we post that we are back in stock. Producing comb honey takes a lot more time preparing the hive(s) to produce it. We use Ross Rounds in our supers. Each Ross Round is built, filled and capped by the honey bees right inside the bee hive.
When all the cassettes are fully capped, we carefully remove the rounds from the frames and gently place a cover on both side. Therefore the comb is never touched by human hands. As a result it’s the freshest, sweet honey you can buy.
Each cell in this comb bursting with raw Wildflower Honey, a very sweet and flavorful honey. Few people have had the opportunity to try honey comb and fewer know that it is something you can eat. Therefor add it to your finest crackers, a true authentic and unreal culinary experience,and enjoy.

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