Removal of Honey Bee swarm

Honey bees are not aggressive when swarming. so please don't spray or swat or disturb a swarm.  Let them cluster and give me a call. I will pick up swarms from your yard, fence, trees or bushes. Bee loss has been a problem for many years now and we all need to do our part to save the bees.  I do work other jobs, so call and leave me a message if I don't answer and I will call you back as soon as possible.  My phone: (314) 250-4188  (or text me at the same number)

A swarm of bees can come in all sizes (the photo below might be a second or third swarm from the parent hive). Early to mid-spring is when most bees tend to want to swarm.  The queen bee has been laying eggs and building the hive up in numbers since mid January.  The swarming process is the honey bees way of propagating and growing in numbers. When the hive is full and nectar is still coming in from spring flowers, the bees run out of room in the hive and the queen has no more space to lay eggs. The bees will make new "queen cells" and then the old queen will leave, taking half the bees with her. They will swarm to a branch or some other place to cluster as they search for a new home. They may stay there for many hours or even a day or two until the bees come to a conscientious on their new home. Yes, they vote.

If we give the swarm a home they like, such as a hive box with frames of starter foundation, we just rigged the election.  

swarm small on red car
Small Swarm



Start your own hive

swarm large on tree
Large Swarm

Let’s work together! Call or Drop me a text to get started!  Phone (314)  250-4188

IF you have a swarm you would like to keep, I can help in an emergency.  Set up fee for swarm capture, one corrugated hive chamber, frames with wax foundation as well as placing swarm in corrugated nuc hive. $90.00


Bee-educated, Know the cost

These are some of the cost to get started yourself in Beekeeping.

  • 10 frame hive - complete 2 deep beginner kit with wax foundation $240.00
  • assembly for boxes and frames $45.00
  • packages of bees $150.00 (if purchased from a breeder)
  • smoker $48.00
  • ventilated jacket w/hooded veil $206.00

Estimated total $689.00


Beekeeping has start up expenses, but once you have the equipment the year to year cost is much lower, but not zero. There are upkeep cost, feeding in winter, and medications.  also if the queen is failing, you may have to re-queen every couple of years to keep a health hive. I recommend taking a beekeeping class, usually held in the spring, if you are interested in starting Beekeeping.  

Now for the good news.  Your bees that just swarmed into your yard didn't cost you anything. and there are books and classes that will teach you how to take care of the honey bees and how to make money from honey and bees wax. Let’s work together! Call me or text me to get started with your swarm!


Contact us

If you have a swarm, the fastest way to reach me is by the phone number listed above. But if you have questions about anything, or would like to have our bee hives placed in your garden or orchard, send us a message.